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Joyann Boyce

Joyann (Aka Joy)

Founder, and Social Media Consultant 

Joyann Boyce (aka Joy) is a social media consultant and founder of The Social Detail. She works with SMEs, with a focus on technology companies to maximise their impact through social media. The Social Detail has worked with a range of organisations such as Bristol City Council, Black Girl Convention, SETsquared and Future Space; and is an avid advocate for diversity and inclusion partnering on projects with TechSPARK such as SHIFT to create diverse stock photography..


Photographer and Junior Account Manager

Since starting in September 2018, Liz has really helped shape the agency and our level of expertise. Having a degree in Photography, she went on to run a social media page for an independent cafe before meeting Joy at a creative event in Bristol. Her strengths lie with the visual side of social media content and she particularly likes creating graphics for social media use. She’s always busy behind the scenes, really getting to grips with what the client wants from our services and delivering something that will help them grow.

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