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Social Media Strategy

Unlike traditional push-marketing, social media is more successful through engagement marketing. However, it is often difficult to start or to consistently maintain steady engagement; this is where we come in. We will develop a strategy for a rewarding online presence and we will help you to understand how to engage and entertain your audience.

Content Management

Brand consistency is very important for a successful social media presence. From having a standard tone of voice to posting at optimal times. We will take on the responsibility of keeping your social media account alive.
Each month, you will receive a report to outline the progress of your content reach, engagement and growth.

Community Management

It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason; responding to every comment, direct message and reposting content is what builds your credibility. It’s what brings people back to the brands they love.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

With Facebook and Instagram ads, companies are able to directly test content on audience-based interests and behaviours. We can set up a campaign which focuses on increasing followers, driving traffic to your website and/or sale conversion of your product or service.

Inclusive Marketing

Inclusive Marketing is at the forefront of everything we do at The Social Detail. We realised that there was a gap in the market for inclusivity and this was made more apparent with digital campaigns such as Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner Controversy and H&M’s monkey jumper. That is why when creating social media campaigns for our clients, one of the initial questions we ask is “Have you looked at the different intersections of your target audience?”

Social Media Coaching & Training

Sometimes you need a little help to achieve greatness. Our monthly coaching sessions will help to empower you to achieve the results you want on social media or we can host an interactive workshop covering the core elements to build your social media strategy.